A Little Sewing, A Little Paddling

It was a gorgeous day so Jim and I decided to take the kayaks out for the first time this season.  I try to get some sewing time in each day so I got up early and wrapped up a couple of things before we left. 

First I cut backing and binding for the three rainbow quilts.  All of these are small so it shouldn’t take much time at all to get them quilted.

Rainbow quilts-backs

After that came machine sewing the binding to this little patriotic hexie wall hanging

Patriotic hexie binding

and the Social Club lap quilt.

Binding Social Club

Finally, I finished quilting the Ombre Flying Geese quilt.  I’ve been dragging my feet on this for close to a week so it was nice to finish it up and get it off the frame.

Quilting Ombre Geese

With my work complete for the day, it was time for a little relaxation on the Crystal River.

Kayaking Crystal River

This was the first time we had been on this river and it was quite nice.  There were a couple of spots where it was very shallow and we had to get out and drag the kayaks to deeper water and a few low-hanging branches but we had a good time and saw some pretty scenery.

Water lily Crystal River

This little guy was just sitting on the bank watching us paddle by.

Fawn Crystal River

It’s always nice to have a productive AND fun day!

One More Old Favorite Finished

Blue and yellow quilts are always a favorite.  Combine that with a traditional nine-patch and you get a classic beauty.  This is one I’ve had in the binding pile for awhile and finally finished it on the drive home from Kansas City. 

blue yellow nines

The quilting is simply straight lines through the yellow blocks and continuous curves in the blue squares.

blue yellow nines close up

I don’t remember whether or not this was a published pattern.  When I had the quilt shop we ran a series of classes based on Marti Michell’s book 101 Nine Patch Quilts.  I suspect this quilt is from one of those classes.  It is simply made of two different nine patch blocks. 

blue yellow nines block

The two blues are constant colors and all the yellows are scrappy.  The blocks are set on point.  It is a super easy quilt and a great way to use up 2-1/2” squares.

The Trip That Was, Then Wasn’t, Then Was Again

Jim and I planned to meet his sister and her husband in New England this week. We were to catch a very early flight to Boston out of Chicago so were staying near the airport the night before. The minute we carried our bags into the room my phone rang. It was our son asking if we had talked to our neighbors because they had called him saying the big tree in the front of our house had split down the middle and was in danger of crashing through the house.

We then called the neighbor who said he tied it up to try to stabilize it and he even offered to meet with the tree people and coordinate the removal/repair so we wouldn’t have to cancel our trip. We couldn’t do anything about it that night so we tried to sleep, then got up at 3:30. Jim asked if I minded cancelling the trip. I said no, so we threw on our clothes and drove back home.

By the time we got there the arborist returned our call from the night before and said he would be right over. Unfortunately, he confirmed what we suspected. The tree could not be saved. We were heartbroken, but called the removal service. While Jim was dealing with the tree guys, I was cancelling all our reservations. To our surprise we found out they could remove the tree immediately.

What took 27 years to grow,


came down in less than an hour.



Now you can see the front of the house again.


Honestly, we were sad to lose the tree but had been thinking it was getting so big you could hardly see the front of the house. The remedy was more drastic than we would have liked but it was out of our control.

By 11 AM it was all over and Jim came inside and asked if I thought we could re-book the trip.  I spent a little time on both the computer and phone and 24 hours later we were having chowder at The Maine Diner!


We followed that up with a beautiful walk along the Marginal Way in Ogunquit.

And a sunset stroll on the beach.


Ahhhh…life is good.


A Beautiful Wedding

This past weekend Jim and I drove to Kansas City for my niece Amanda’s wedding. She had always dreamed about getting married at her Grandma’s hobby farm and that dream became reality on Saturday.  It was a picture perfect day and a lovely wedding.  During my Dad’s retirement he worked countless hours to make this the beautiful property that it is and I’m sure he never imagined that it would make such a gorgeous setting for a wedding.

Amanda Wedding

It was such an honor to share Mr. and Mrs. Derrik Keeton’s special day.  Since we live so far away, we don’t often have an opportunity to get together with all the family.  It was so nice to have some time to catch up with my sisters, nieces and nephews and all their children.  Everyone had so much fun.

A special bride and groom deserve a special quilt so I made them this Labyrinth Walk.

Labryrinth Walk-1

A few weeks ago, Amanda had liked this quilt on Facebook so I scrambled to find the pattern and get it made.  The binding was hand-sewn on the drive to Kansas City, washed at my mom’s house and finished in the nick of time!  Here is a close-up of the quilting detail.

Labryinth Walk quilting

Jim and I drove back to Appleton yesterday and will spend today doing household chores, laundry and re-packing to leave for New England later this afternoon.  Now to dig out another binding stitch during the drive to the airport.

June Goal: Winding Ways

When I discovered a stack of brushed pastel plaid fat quarters in my stash, for some reason I thought it would be a good idea to make a Winding Ways quilt from them.

Winding Ways

Obviously, I didn’t think that through adequately or I would have realized that this particular quilt isn’t the best use for stretchy plaids.  These blocks are very fussy to assemble, making the flannel side is on the outside and the stripes are going in the right direction.  The center piece is very narrow and has to be handled carefully so it doesn’t fray.  It has helped to spritz a little pressing spray on the pieces before sewing them together.  Overall, this is a pretty time consuming block and even though I have a little assembly line method worked out, it is taking much longer than I thought to piece each one.  It seems like I cut out a million blocks so the box of parts continues to look full regardless of how many blocks I’ve made.

WW-box of blocks

Believe it or not, this dinky little box contains parts for over 50 more blocks! Even though I will have very little sewing time this month, my goal for June is to get this top pieced.

I’m linking up with One Monthly Goal at Red Letter Quilts and also Design Wall Monday at Patchwork Times so be sure to check out other projects at those sites.

A UFO Finish Plus A Bonus

It took a little longer than it should have but both of the quilts made from the Always and Forever fabric are finished.  One of them was on my UFO list to finish in May and since they were both in the same pile to be finished it just made sense to finish them one right after the other using the same color thread for quilting.

They still aren’t my favorite quilts, but they’re DONE and hopefully a couple of little girls will be able to use them.

Always and Forever-1

Always and Forever-2

Both were quilted with a simple loopy meander.


Two more down, many to go!

Charity Finished

Last week I really pushed myself to finish bindings so I could get my stash numbers back in line.  Lots of time in the car helped and I was able to get this one finished on the way to the airport but I had to wait until I got home to take the picture.

The pattern is called Charity by Villa Rosa Designs and it is made with cozy flannel stash fabric.  I just picked a prints that would coordinate with that cute little Debbie Mumm Christmas print.  Normally, I don’t do inner borders weird like this one, but I wanted the outer border cut from the length of fabric and I was just a little bit short so I had to do some improvising. 


The quilting is super simple freehand dwirling.

Charity closeup

DWM: 3 Sisters UFO

Last week when I browsed through some other quilters’ Stash Report blogs, I came across Kate’s from Life In Pieces.  She tracks how many days she gets at least 15 minutes of sewing.  I thought that was a great idea and applied it to UFO’s.  This week I tried to work on a UFO at least 15 minutes each day.  After that, I could continue working on that project or move to another one.  I liked that each day I would be moving forward toward a finish on the UFO. 

When I left for Salt Lake City on Friday, I had accomplished this much on an old 3 Sisters UFO.  The pattern is Lillian by Villa Rosa.

3 Sisters

The easy part is finished.  The hard part is going to be digging through the stash to find some border fabric.  I’m pretty sure I bought enough yardage of the fabric in the block centers to also use for borders, I’m just hoping it didn’t go into another project.  I used a jelly roll for the small squares in this quilt.  It is another one I would like to revisit using all scraps.

Be sure to take a look at other design wall projects using the links at Patchwork Times.

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