Garden Trellis Finished

Still not much sewing going on around here but I did manage to finish the Garden Trellis quilt. 

April Showers

The pattern is from the book Jelly Roll Quilts by Pam and Nicky Lintott and the fabric was a jelly roll from Bonnie and Camille’s April Showers line by Moda.  I quilted the center with all-over swirls and the border with continuous up and down lines. 

Things are settling down a little bit this week so I’m hoping to spend some serious time in the sewing room.  I have to go to work for a while this morning but this afternoon I plan to make some Heartstrings blocks with the overflowing tub of strings on my cutting table.

One Measly Block

As far as sewing, that is pretty much what I’ve accomplished the past month.  This is the block and it took over an hour to make it but still…


The block is called Modern Star and Pinwheel and is a FREE pattern right now on Judy Martin’s website.  Check it out here.

My small quilting group is doing a 12” block challenge for next summer’s Backyard Quilt Show and this block may or may not be used in a quilt for that challenge. So far, I don’t have a plan but the quilt show will be in July so I have plenty of time to come up with something.

The See You In September Blog Hop will be starting soon so I’ve been hard at work on the three projects I’m making for that.  My day is September 16 and I’m really excited to show what I’ve been working on this summer behind the scenes.  Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll show a few sneak peeks of those quilts.  I’m going to have to kick it into high gear to finish all three by the deadline!  The key word is “deadline.”  Don’t all quilters work best under pressure?

DWM: April Showers

While digging through some fabric the other day I came across a jelly roll from the April Showers line by Bonne and Camille.


I’m a big fan of their fabric so I opened up the jelly roll and immediately got the itch to make something with it.  A couple of years ago I made an easy jelly roll dorm quilt for my daughter using the pattern Garden Trellis from the book Jelly Roll Quilts by Pam and Nicky Lintott . I thought that would be a nice pattern for this fabric so I started sewing.

This particular jelly roll didn’t have equal numbers of light and dark fabric and some fabrics could be used either as a light or a dark depending on the fabric it was paired with so I didn’t bother with sewing a light strip with a dark strip.  I just picked up two contrasting strips and sewed them together, then selected two more to make a set of four strips.  The way this quilt is constructed is not my favorite—the strips are sewn into a tube and then cut into squares so EVERY edge is bias.  The good thing with bias though, you can stretch it a bit so all the seams nestle together!!

Once the top was together I debated whether or not to add a border.  It looked nice without it but again, since the outside edges are bias, I went ahead and added one so it didn’t stretch out of shape.  The border really changed the look of the quilt.  Now it looks really old-fashioned.  I guess it’s the gingham.

April Showers

This close-up gives a little better picture of the fabrics and design.

April Showers-close up

Of course it will look better once it’s quilted so hopefully I can load it on the frame today and get started!

Be sure to check out other design wall projects with the links at Patchwork Times.

Note:  there was a little glitch with the blog when I was on vacation last week (well, to be honest, operator error) so posts weren’t uploaded.  There were a couple more baby quilts for the blitz and another post or two.  I’ll get that fixed so the Baby Quilt Blitz is complete.  The good news it the post from Day 5 is now recovered and the pattern is on the blog.  You can find it here.

DWM-Baby Quilt Blitz-Day 8

Wow!  The Baby Quilt Blitz started last Monday and we’re not finished yet.  Today’s quilt is a super simple design.  I’ve seen many variations and chevrons are everywhere but I still like the simplicity of it.


As it happened, the charm pack I used for this had two squares of every fabric except one so I was able to get four matching half square triangles from each fabric.  If you want to make a quilt just like this, get two charm packs so you will have twenty matching pairs of squares.  You can make the quilt larger or use the other charms for another quilt.

In addition to the 40 charm squares you will need 40 squares of background fabric (3/4 yard) and 1/2 yard of binding fabric.

Draw a line on the back of a background square.  Pair it with a charm square, right sides together and sew 1/4” seam on both sides of the drawn line.


Cut on the drawn line, open and press the half square triangle toward the charm square.  Repeat to make 80 half square triangles.


I think it’s easier to make chevron blocks rather than set the triangles into rows so make 20 blocks like this:


Now set the blocks into five rows of four blocks each like shown in the top picture.  Add borders if you like.  My quilt finished 36” x 45”.

Since the quilt is so simple, I like to add a little custom quilting.  I did pebbles in the background and my standard up and down lines in the chevrons.


My quilt had a mistake that was caused by my inattention to what I was doing.  I didn’t realize the error until I was laying out the triangles to make the chevrons.  Did you notice the mistake?


Not a huge error but more an aggravation because it could have easily been prevented. So here’s your tip of the day:  if you are using a striped fabric to make a design using half-square triangles as mirror images sew one set of squares like this with the stripe running horizontally–

stripe HST horiz

And the other with the stripes running vertically.

stripe HST vert

Just by making that simple change, all four of your stripes will be running the same way!  That means unlike me, you have to pay attention while you are sewing these!

Be sure to take a look at some of the other design wall projects using the links at Patchwork Times.  Also stop back here tomorrow for day 9 of Baby Quilt Blitz!!

Baby Quilt Blitz-Day 7

Today’s quilt is another one from a Villa Rosa pattern.  This one is called Daybreak.  These simple little patterns work so well when you need to make a quilt FAST!.  In the U.S. each pattern costs only $2.00 with free shipping.  They are great for using up stash!  I have no affiliation with Villa Rose, I’ve just made several quilts from their patterns and am a happy customer!


I was looking for a project where I could use lime green and it worked really well here.

The jagged quilting was harder to do than it looks.  Usually we’re trying to get nice, smooth circles and curves so it takes some muscle retraining to make sharp angles! 


This quilt went together in no time.  The quilting took a little bit longer but it was still a fast project.

Stay tuned—Baby Quilt Blitz continues tomorrow with another easy project!

Baby Quilt Blitz-Day 6

When I was writing the post for yesterday’s quilt, another variation of sashed squares, I thought of that old knock-knock joke:
Who’s there?
Banana who?
Who’s there?
Banana who?
Who’s there?
Orange who?
Orange you glad I didn’t say banana?

Well orange you glad I’m not doing sashed squares today?  Today’s easy baby quilt is PINWHEELS!


P and P-1

Here’s how to make it!

Fabric requirements:
One charm pack of (42) 5” squares
2-1/8 yards of background fabric (white in my quilt).  This is for blocks, sashing, outer border and binding.
1/2 yard of accent fabric (pink polka dot in my quilt)

From background fabric cut:
(6) strips 5” x width of fabric; sub-cut into (42) 5” squares
(10) strips 1-1/2” x width of fabric for sashing between rows
(5) strips 2-1/2” x width of fabric for outer borders
From accent fabric cut:
(5) strips 2-1/2” x width of fabric for sashing between rows

1. You will be making half square triangles with the 5” squares of charm fabric and background fabric.  This is not my favorite way to make triangles because you end up with bias on the outside edges, but it works well in this application.  You just have to be careful to not stretch the edges when you press them.  Pair a charm square with a 5” background square right sides together.  Sew 1/4” seam all the way around the square.  You will have a seam on all four sides.


2.  Cut in half on the diagonal in both directions.


3.  Open each triangle unit and gently press toward the charm fabric.

4.  Arrange the four matching triangle units to form a pinwheel as shown below.  Repeat with all the charm squares and background squares to make 42 pinwheels.

P and P-3

5.  Arrange blocks in six rows of seven blocks each.  Sew rows together as shown.

P and P-4

6.  For the sashing between rows, sew five strip sets with a 2-1/2” strip of accent fabric between 1-1/2” strips of background fabric.  Press toward the accent fabric.  Measure the pinwheel rows, take the average and cut the sashing rows to this length.

P and P-5

7.  Sew the top together alternating pinwheel rows with sashing rows. Press toward the sashing fabric.

8.  Sew the 2-1/2” strips of border fabric together.  Measure quilt top through center from top to bottom.  Cut two border strips this length and sew to each side of top.  Press toward border fabric.  Now measure through the center from side to side and cut two border strips this length.  Sew to top and bottom of top and press toward border fabric.

9.  Quilt, bind and enjoy your new quilt!  It should measure about 41” x 54” when finished.

The quilting is simple dwirling from The Pajama Quilter in the center and wavy lines on the borders.

P and P-2

Be sure to come back here tomorrow for day 7 of Baby Quilt Blitz!  It’s not an original design but you are sure to want to make it!

Baby Quilt Blitz-Day 5

Happy 4th of July.  Hope all of you in the US are enjoying the holiday.  Here in northeast Wisconsin we have a perfect summer day—temperatures in the mid 70’s and low humidity.  It doesn’t get better than that!

Today’s baby quilt is one more variation of sashed squares.  The blocks look like they have drop shadows.  As with the other quilts in this series, it’s a quick one to put together.

Shadow Square

Fabric requirements:
One charm pack of (42) 5” squares
One yard of background fabric (white in my quilt)
5/8 yard of accent fabric (orange in my quilt)
1/2 yard of binding fabric

From background fabric cut:
(4) strips 2” x width of fabric
(2) strips 6-1/2” x width of fabric; sub-cut into (30) rectangles 1-1/2” x 6-1/2” for sashing between blocks
(6) strips 1-1/2” x width of fabric for sashing between rows and outer border

From accent fabric cut:
(2) strips 3-1/2” x width of fabric
(2) strips 5” x width of fabric

1.  Sew a 2” strip of background fabric to a 3-1/2” strip of accent fabric. Make two.  Sub-cut each strip set into (21) 2” segments.

Shadow Sq-1.jpg

2.  Sew a segment from step 1 to one side of each charm square.  Repeat for each charm square.

Sh Sq-1

3.  Repeat Step 1 using the 5” strips of accent fabric and the remaining 2” strips of background fabric.

4.  Sew a segment from step 3 to the bottom of each charm square.  Make sure the background squares are in opposite corners for each block.  Make 42 blocks.

Sa Sq-2

Arrange blocks in seven rows of six blocks each.  Sew each row together with a
1-1/2” x 6-1/2” sashing strip between the blocks.

Sa Sq row

Sew the rows together with a 1-1/2” sashing strip between the rows.

I didn’t add any border to my quilt and it finished about 41” x 48”.  If you want your quilt a little larger, feel free to add borders.

The quilting is just simple spirals, swirls and crescents.

Shadow Squares-2

I’m linking up with Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict for “Can I Get a Whoop-Whoop” Friday.  Take a look at the links there for other fun projects.  Be sure to come back here tomorrow for day 6 of Baby Quilt Blitz!

Baby Quilt Blitz-Day 4

Today’s charm pack baby quilt continues on the Disappearing Nine Patch theme.  I drew it up in EQ7 but haven’t had a chance to make it yet.  It was kind of an afterthought and I used all my charm packs in other quilts so it will have to wait until I can pick up some charms next week.

This quilt is constructed like the sashed Disappearing Nine Patch from yesterday only but with the addition of cornerstones.Sashed D9P.jpg

Again, you will make sashed nine-patch blocks and cut them in half both horizontally and vertically as shown by the lines above.  To make the quilt you will need (36) 5” charm squares, (48) 5” x 2-1/2” rectangles for sashing (1/2 yard) and (16) 2” squares for cornerstones (1/8 yard). You will also need about 3/4 yard for outer border and binding.

After cutting the nine-patch blocks into fourths, set the resulting blocks in five rows of four blocks each as shown below.  For borders, cut four strips of fabric each 3” wide.  The finished quilt will measure about 38” x 46”.

D9P-S and C-2

D9P-S and C-2

Here is another idea for an easy charm pack baby quilt.  This is a picture of a quilt I DID make from a Villa Rosa Rosecard pattern called La France.  This is the third quilt I’ve made from that pattern and it always looks good.


Hope you’ve gotten some ideas for easy baby quilts from this series.  It will continue tomorrow with another quilt!

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